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Achieving success as a long-term care nurse requires understanding organizational structures, state and federal regulations, and work processes. It can be discouraging when the quality of one’s work is questioned, especially after putting in hard work.

Navigating Long-Term Care: A Practical Approach for Nurses is a comprehensive guide for long-term care nurses to enhance their understanding of organizational structures, state and federal regulations, and work processes. This 15-chapter manual uses the nursing process as a critical thinking framework and covers crucial aspects of resident care, including admissions, discharges, care planning, incident reporting, and more. In addition, the book includes case studies and post-chapter questions to evaluate understanding, making it an excellent resource for facility educators and nurses.

The book aims to empower long-term care nurses to provide high-quality care that meets the standards set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and their organizations.

In addition, facility educators will benefit from the unique approach presented in this book, as it offers engaging and interactive methods for new hire orientations, annual staff retreats, and ad-hoc training. This book is an essential tool for all long-term care nurses seeking to improve their practice and provide the best care possible to residents and their families.


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Orienting and Training Long-Term Care Nurses Must Be Fun, Engaging, and Interactive!

Nurses appreciate engaging, interactive training that fosters their professional growth. Unfortunately, in-person training is becoming rare, and orienting new hires is a nightmare as staff often sit through boring videos and topics.

Great orientations and training programs foster relationship building, and a sense of belonging, improve retention, reduce turnover, and improve quality care delivery. This book “Navigating Long-term Care: A Reflective Workbook for Nurses,” an accompaniment to the new training manual, Navigating Long-term Care: A Practical Approach for Nurses, seeks to bridge training gaps and enhance quality care delivery.

In this book, you will evaluate your learning and understanding of critical long-term care work processes through:

• Case study reviews

• Interactive individual and group activities

• Self-reflective exercises

• Journaling

• Clinical skill competencies

I encourage trainees to accept this learning approach and allow themselves to grow as long-term care nurses. A copy of the workbook may be given annually to staff during retreats. Also, it can be used as a tool for re-education where specific activities are assigned when deficient practice(s) are observed. Finally, this workbook will revamp nursing orientations, making them engaging, interactive and fun!

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