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Low staffing levels can strain resources and impact the quality of care delivered to residents.

Our mission is to help long-term care facilities thrive by transforming staffing challenges into opportunities for growth and excellence.

Building a committed and engaging workforce is possible. We’ve done it before.

Led by Dr. Sylvia Abbeyquaye, a seasoned healthcare professional with over two decades of experience, our team combines expertise in LTC consulting, nursing education, and entrepreneurship to provide unparalleled service.

What We Do

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We partner with LTC facilities to develop customized staff retention strategies, addressing specific challenges and fostering a positive work culture.

Staff Development

Our specialized training modules for LTC nurses focus on enhancing clinical skills, improving patient care outcomes, and promoting career advancement opportunities.

Staff Retreats

We organize rejuvenating staff retreats and conferences, providing opportunities for team building, networking, and professional growth.

Speaking Engagement

We delivers engaging keynote speeches and presentations, uplifting and inspiring staff members to embrace excellence in their work

You have changed how I approach Nursing; you are a true role model with a real passion for teaching the nursing practice. As a nurse, when I felt like giving up, you always helped me to keep pressing on



Her teaching ability touches everyone on every level, built the team up from management to line staff, and resulted in a culture change within the building, leading to a successful survey. Thank you, Sylvia!!



Your dedication to teaching nursing staff is beyond ordinary; you truly believe teaching is fundamental in developing skills and shaping confidence. As an administrator, I saw you take the time to teach nurses individually, giving them the skills and confidence to become better professionals. I have learned considerably from you and remain forever grateful. Thank you!



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Our range of services is tailored to meet the unique needs of LTC facilities seeking to enhance staff retention and elevate quality of care.
we equip LTC facilities with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in today's challenging healthcare landscape.

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Why Choose NSDxpert

A satisfied and engaged workforce is essential for delivering high-quality care to residents. We've helped countless LTC facilities overcome staffing challenges and achieve excellence in care delivery. Our client-centered approach ensures personalized solutions that align with each facility's goals and objectives.

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